My art is my joy, the summation and totality of my life experience.

This is the wealth that I bring to the world.

It is also a representation of my compassion and empathy.

These are my ultimate gifts, expressed in form through the medium of art.

— Eugenia Pardue


My Mission is to push the limits of surface in unexplored directions.

In the flat, digital world we live in, Eugenia Pardue’s 

extraordinary paintings remind us we are flesh, bone, and blood

—and in so doing, reawaken our capacity for bliss.

—Richard Speer, Art Critic & Curator

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These works exude an elegance, self-possession, and quiet confidence that are contagious.
They whisper white secrets of cloudscapes, snowfall, and the touch of Egyptian cotton sheets.
They know of desire and discretion and the middle where they meet.
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