Loving Where I Live!

My neighborhood recently won a grant for Portland’s first ever neighborhood designed and painted crosswalk.  Luckily, i have experience doing large public art installations, as well as a background in art direction – so I took on the implementation lead role.


We had so much fun!  Creating public creates community!  Public art has been shown to increase pride in our surroundings, bringing people together, creating an identity, and reminding people that choose to drive through our neighborhood that we care deeply about the people that are walking across our streets.

The design chosen for the intersection carried the theme of our large street painting installed last year, right in front of my house.  During a spring walk, I was inspired by the gorgeous blooming camellias, and they became the center piece of the four corners of a safe crossing in the heart of the densest east side neighborhood in Portland.

As an artist, I’m always thrilled to have my designs on display!  Now thousands of people walk, bike and drive past my artwork everyday!!