The Great Scarf Expedition

Since there has been tremendous excitement and feedback about my scarf project, I decided to do an update!

I picked up the 11 scarf samples in New York on a recent trip. The colors, design transfer and fabric are incredible. Because I want to create wearable pieces of art, the function of the scarves is just as important as the beauty of my original designs and color choices.

I’ve created a “field research program” (sounds way more official than it is) – real tests with real people in lots of different climates. So far, my scarves have been worn in Germany, New York City, New Orleans, Seattle, Portland, and a beachside resort in Mexico. The scarves have been used to cover shoulders in chilly air conditioning in hot climates, and to warm necks in chilly climates. The scarves work as bathing suit cover-ups and blankets for resting in the airport.

The fabric has been worn, washed and even caught in a car door! And the cashmere/silk blend has held up wonderfully. As we wear these scarves all over the globe, one thing is obvious. I’m creating an essential, beautiful addition to any wardrobe!

My lead graphic designer, Megan Ogle, from Beaux Arts Contemporary, has created dynamic patterns appropriated from my original ink drawings. We’ve reviewed the samples and narrowed our order down to three amazing designs.

Be on the lookout for the gorgeous and functional (huge 60 inches x 60 inches!!) final designs to be available for purchase in about 3 more months.

This project has been a lengthy one, but from the months of material research, to the custom fabric being created throughShawlux at a Woman’s Collective in New Delhi, each step has offered me the opportunity for tremendous learning.

I can’t wait to share my wearable art with the world!