A Gallery Romp!

By: Eugenia Pardue
Edited: Kelly Francois
Photography: Kelly Francois

The first Wednesday of select months, Portland’s stable of fine art galleries hosts private viewings for featured artists and their collectors, closest friends and family. My studio suitemate and great friend, Lauren Carrera  is currently exhibiting at Blackfish Gallery. I spent a recent delightful sunny spring evening surrounded by artists and the fantastic people who support Portland’s treasured creatives.

In an engaging respite from the digital world, “Museo du Profundo Mundo presents: THE ASCENT OF MAN” demands presence, with an incessant whisper to come closer, to look deeper. I was captivated at the front window by the chryssilas baby in repose, hung upside down with tribal markings on its face.

Crossing boundaries of the human existence, each detailed diorama lining the wall was its own story, reminiscent of how I create my own dioramas of my life by my thoughts. How can I reframe my internal stories that keep me in a box?

Lauren’s show  was the perfect launch pad to explore other galleries in the area. Stephen O’Donnell’s exhibit at Froelick Gallery was another highlight! It was a sublime evening, catching up with old friends, meeting new ones, and enjoying the festivities of a PNW art city.