An Artists’ Pilgrimage

This blog has been the most difficult one to write yet! How do I adequately explain a stirring of my soul? What words accompany a calling to experience the spiritual journey of a brilliant woman artist?

Hilma Af Klint’s: Paintings for the Future at the Guggenheim, in New York City, awoke my heart in a way that hasn’t happened since learning of Beatrice Milhazes in 2003. Seeing Af Klint’s celestial shapes and dynamic colors evoked a power and inventiveness in abstraction that wasn’t seen again until the 1960’s. She was two generations ahead of her time.

Hilma Af Klint and I followed a similar path, advanced academic fine art education paired with ‘advice’ from educators to abandon the heart’s direction to follow the brain’s influence. As I have relearned how to listen to my heart with my art, Hilma followed her calling to create a prolific artistic vision to be shown in a circular gallery (well before the Guggenheim was built, in nearly exactly her image). She manifested the dream of her body of work exhibiting in New York City 100 years ago, in a different era. And I got to stand in front of 100 years of modern female artist history.

As I slowly traversed the white spiral of the landmark museum space, I felt her passion. I understood her need to transcend this world and create her own visual language. I breathed in her message.
After seeing her artwork, I’m left with more questions than answers. Perhaps my pilgrimage was more than a culmination of an afternoon spent drinking in the magic of her unique style.

Perhaps my true pilgrimage is MY life, MY art, MY goals, and my own delicious journey – and I’m just getting started!!