“Countessa” Finds a New Home at Yoga Shala

A pretty miraculous thing happened the other day.  A painting of mine chose its new home, by serendipitous happenstance!

I ran into an important friend in my life, Jodi.  I met Jodi when I just beginning to explore and expand my yoga practice.  And anybody who knows me or has been keeping up with my blog, knows yoga is instrumental in my creativity and well-being http://eugeniapardue.com/how-yoga-helped-me-be-a-better-artist.

I immediatly connected with Jodi at her yoga studio, Yoga Shala.  She and I both lived in Minnesota and are from Hungarian descent.

Through Jodi’s exceptional guidance, I learned how to control my energy through my mula bahnda.  From her example, I began to loosen my hips to let my anger out, I took better care of myself and became less reactive to the world.  I learned how to connect to my breathing to transport me into a peaceful calm.

I saw Jodi exiting her business doorway on my way to dinner one night. I embraced her tightly, and noticed a large empty wall in her new studio space.  I blurted out, “Do you want to hang one of my art pieces on that wall?”  I knew exactly that one of my pieces titled, “Countessa” would sing in that spot, and boy was I right!  My art touches people’s lives the way Jodi’s yoga practice touches people’s lives.  We all need to see the beauty inside of ourselves, we are all beautiful creations.

This interaction reminds me of the deeper connection to my place in Portland, from my personal connections to my art, all over town.  Be sure to go see this piece in person at Jodi’s new space located at 3808 N Williams Ave Suite B, Portland, OR 97227, and contact me if you would like to purchase it to grace your walls!