Crafting BeauxArts Contemporary

I often hear the comment, “I can’t wait to see what you are working on next.”  Any artist knows that we are ALWAYS working on something.  Sometimes I’m working on a project that is easy to explain.  And sometimes I’m working on a concept, a structure for collaboration that is much more challenging to put into words.  What I’m working on right now falls into the latter category.


The Beaux Arts period has always spoken to me.  This period existed during a time in history where systems were falling apart, rules were being broken, and partnerships were crucial for production.  I see the parallels in our current social climate, where our systems are no longer working for many people.  Cooperation and community are more important than ever.  


Walking to my studio recently, the house in the picture above (on NE Tillamook between 11th and 12th) reached out and grabbed me.  I noticed the ornate, and the attention to artistry.  The luscious details called me to come closer.   This 1890 beauty took a turn from the hard-lined Craftsmen Style of the majority of the houses in the vicinity – replacing the chunky style with layers and layers of delicate Victorian details.  The structure stands out as willfully baroque, a determination of glitzy style, with a master craftsmen’s touch on every inch.  


BeauxsArts Contemporary is my reboot of that beautiful, chaotic period in art history.  I’m creating a platform that integrates the wonderful minds of craftspeople, makers and artists, as we align our unique gifts while strengthening our community.  I’m actively connecting with small business owners, independent contractors and master artists to create a framework that empowers.


As I develop my renaissance and flesh out what this particular venture looks like, I feel my heart wide open on each step of this journey.  Every day I have the chance to get to see someone’s gifts on display.  I feel my growing awareness of the power of deep human connection.


Keep your eyes peeled for this exciting project as it takes shape.  And if you have a talent you think would be well suited to my vision, please let me know!  Let’s find our empowerment together!


*A special thanks to Lee Montgomery for permission to share this photograph and story of her spectacular house.