Creating Space

(Image Mallorca, Spain September 2018)

I’ve written recently about Showing Up  and Letting Go. Another facet of designing the life I want is Creating Space for who and what feeds my soul.

In my younger years, my lack of discernment of what was best for me led to obligations and poisonous people crowding out my life. Boredom, anxiety and constant cravings are the perfect storm for problematic relationships. As I’ve gained wisdom and life experiences, I understand how acquiring clutter (physical and mental) smothers the capacity that should be reserved for inspiration, authentic alliances and possessions that bring me joy.

What began at last year’s eclipse has culminated into a complete overhaul of relationships and purging superfluous belongings. Removing emotional toxicity and physical clutter, I feel expansive and powerful.

I recognize the correlation to my paintings. When I limit my palette, my art becomes more wide-ranging. I understand my materials and push the boundaries. My white on white paintings are “minimalist-maximalist”, creating space for the medium to actualize opulence and abundance. I use a minimal palette to create maximum beauty.

Letting Go, Showing Up and Creating Space!! The perfect trifecta!