Curiosity and the Cat!

My studio building is the quintessential artist enclave, exactly what I dreamed about as a budding professional.  It has an industrial feel, with soaring ceilings, flooded with light from 100+ year old windows and hand milled plank flooring from old growth local wood. As artist’s spaces all over town either get torn down or priced out, I know how lucky I am to have a great landlord and curator of Portland artists in Ken Unkeles .

A favorite annual project of mine is hosting open studios in my airy art space. I meet new people, reconnect with people, and intimately discuss my process and my work.  I enjoy the high energy and collective excitement of the teamwork required to host this event.

Open studios is a celebration of what is good in Portland, valuing problem solvers, entrepreneurs and doers – while getting a glimpse of the beautiful chaos behind the scenes.  This city needs its artists, and artists need the support of our city.

As the saying goes, curiosity killed the cat but satisfaction brought her back.  Come have your curiosity satisfied at the NorthCoast Seed Building, 2127 N. Albina Ave., Portland, Oregon 97227, Open Studios on June 30, noon-8pm.  My studio number is 201, I hope to see you here!