Dreams Do Come True!! At Raffles Hotel Singapore!!

Dreams Do Come True..Hold On Fast, And Never Give Up, What Ever Your Heart Speaks To You..

Oh do I love to travel!! You know, its not very often one gets to see their art in a hotel..let alone an iconic hotel…let alone in the Grand Dame Hotel of Raffles Hotel and their Presidential Suites in Singapore built in 1887 that went under not a one year (that was suspended) but a two year renovation.!! What an amazing adventure I signed my self up for being invited to their Grand Opening! Thank you so much Artemis Arts!! I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you!


The iconic Raffles hotel is situated in Singapore which is an amazing city, country, state and island…an island immersed in all religions, demographics and history, truly a melting pot..Something I have never experienced before…hard to believe considering all the places I have lived! In conjunction with Art Advisory Services and Champalimaud Design, I was bestowed the honor of creating the pieces for their quintessential entrance to their  2 Presidential Suites….Of course as any artist would be..I was OVER THE MOON!! How often does something like this happen in an artists’ life?

Raffles Hotel on opening night opened up its venue and donated their proceeds to various non for profits…holding true to its values that, this is for the people. Walking around the hotel, I saw perhaps, why I was selected for this particular venue. The hotel is captivating with modern nostalgia..a place that is etched near and dear to my heart and my heritage.

My curiosity always leads me to explore. I discovered a plethora of surprises that are both majestic and awing at the same time. There is one thing that still resonance with me..the connection to nature is immense. Every where I walked, amongst the megalithic skyscrapers next to the hundreds of years old shop buildings, I heard birds singing, big beautiful skies in the tree lined streets in the abundant various parks .. this led me to untold truths that hypnotized me in my own mystical fashion….this truly kept me connected to Singapore. It is not by coincidence that this hotel holds still to the values between people and nature..keeping us all interconnected