Eddying on the Crow Wing River

Does anyone else feel that fire, the burning that comes from waiting on something exciting?  With my fast brain, I often jump from idea to idea.  Occasionally I have that ONE idea, that ONE project that just doesn’t move fast enough.  I know exactly what I want the project to be, and the process requires patience.
My excitement builds until it crowds out my breathing.  As much as I want to change the tide, I’m stuck eddying.
The summer before my senior year of high school in Minnesota, a friend and I took a weeklong canoe trip on the Crow Wing River.  I learned how to portage (carry the boat in and out of water) and how to effectively eddy.  We would paddle to small rapids over deep water swirling underneath, and hold our boat still against the main current (eddying).  I still feel the strain in my shoulders, holding the oars. The strength to fight came from focused breaths.
I channel my time on the river as I’m waiting on the outcome of one of my favorite projects EVER!  With the vision of Megan, a fabulous graphic designer, Felicia, a colorboard builder, and my very own scrumptious drawings, I’ve created a new line of scarves.  I’ve sampled thousands of fabrics, and settled on a luxurious cashmere/silk blend sourced from a woman’s collective in India and distributed by Shawlux in New York City.
As I eagerly anticipate the next phase in my scarf project, my excitement churns like a white water rapid.  I pause to focus.  I shake up my life, I change my energy, I let go of possessions and relationships that no longer serve me.  I love hard.  I laugh loud.  And, I remember to breath, just like eddying on the Crow Wing River.