In All My Glory, Showing Up!!

I completed my MFA Thesis Body of Work at Clemson University on a series inspired by the book “7 Spiritual Laws of Success” by Deepak Chopra.  “The Law of Giving” from this book recommends giving something to everyone I meet, whether it is a smile, eye contact, or conversation.  The Law of Giving is showing up for humanity with something to offer.

In order for me to be a giver and show up, I’ve learned that I have to honor my authenticity.  The more I step into my power, the more capacity I have to be curious about other people.  When I show up, and really don’t want to be there, I’m doing myself and everyone around me a disservice.  I’ve shot myself in the foot so many times, I’m surprised I still have feet!!

Showing up means giving my vitality when I have it and knowing my boundaries. Showing up has been me using every ounce of my stamina to help my sister move.  Last weekend, showing up meant working with neighbors for hours in the sun on a gorgeous street painting in front of my house.  Occasionally, showing up means doing the world a favor and staying home to figure out how to fill my cup so I have more gifts to give.

And on the dark days, showing up may be as simple as remembering to breathe.

My journey now includes honoring my needs, balancing my energy and listening to my intuition.  I want no more facades in my life.  When I show up in all my glory and happiness, the world unfolds and abundance appears.  My genuineness is contagious to all those around me.

I show up with my heart wide open, taking deep breaths and staying present.

Ready or not world, here I come!!