My studio is a gorgeous space, with exposed brick walls, plank wood floors, and massive century old windows. It’s the corner of the 2nd floor of The North Coast Seed Building a 1911 red brick building overlooking a train track. “The Seed Building” is a reclaimed warehouse space, an enclave for Portland creatives.

For the last few years, my studio has been more of a storage spot than a space for creating. I’ve recently, with the help of some of the best friends I can imagine, begun to get rid of things that no longer bring me joy. This has manifested as me reclaiming my studio, making room for new people and ideas to enter my life.

And wouldn’t you know it? I answered a request on for someone who was looking for a space to arrange and store flowers for an upcoming wedding. My studio was exactly what she was looking for, and I had the pleasure of hearing a great story about her family’s traditions.

Ginny (the mother of the bride to be) explained that her families, for the past 4 generations, have gathered together to make beautiful flower decorations for family weddings. What started out as examples of opulent flowers in family photos from the 1920’s became a family tradition based on the limited budgets of weddings in the 1960’s. Now the pre-wedding flower arranging event has become part of the fabric of the family.

It’s stories like these that remind me of the bonding that comes from collaborative art projects, through the generations. Whether it is a family of origin or family of choice, creating together is a special way to connect.

Does this story speak to you? Get in touch, I would love to show you my INSPIRATION STATION!! Maybe my studio will inspire you, too!