My Bike Muse

The day starts, grey and cool, a delicious Portland fall day.  I note my sense of awe and curiosity of what the bike ride to my studio will bring.  Riding my bike gives me the centering of a moving meditation, as I find my breath.  I feel a lightness, a sense of freedom and a sense of power – a wonderful way to begin making art in my studio.
I crave the natural air on my skin, transitioning from the summer heat to the drizzling mist and eventually to the eye-watering, mascara-dripping cold.
In an odd juxtaposition to my bike riding peace, my route takes me past my ex-husband’s house, and his business (aka “the divorce maker”).
I find it interesting that my route has so much of him.  I feel no more anger.  I have to give him credit for having the courage to leave our dysfunctional relationship, and I do give him credit, because without his actions I wouldn’t be in the (mostly) calm, creative head space I am in now.
Toward the end of my route is an exhilarating downhill, tucked away from much vehicle traffic.  On this hill, I get to set myself free.  What a wonder, the feeling of flying with abandon!