As I get to know myself on a deeper level, invitations to a richer life appear, as if manifested from air.  *Poof*  – in comes an offer I just can’t refuse, and I find myself on a quick jaunt to a Seattle art opening and sunbathing on a nude beach.

I took the Bolt Bus to Seattle on a whim, to accept an invitation to the  Woodside/Braseth Art Gallery opening for “The Paintings of Kellie Talbot” & featuring “Face to Face” by Katherine Ace (a woman Portland artist).  My “YES”  became a whirlwind tour of Seattle, visiting charming neighborhoods and meeting wonderful people.

I also said “yes” to a surprise trip to Maui!  I intended to book a trip to Honolulu (a cheap flight to preserve my Alaskan Airlines MVP status).  During the 24 hour pre-travel check-in I realized my ticket was to Maui, NOT Honolulu.  The universe was sending me to a different island.  I took the loss of my prepaid Honolulu hotels and Airbnb’s and found last minute lodgings in Maui.

During my adventuring, I was drawn to a large rock structure.  Ascending the rocks, a tucked away clothing optional beach came into view.  I couldn’t wait to disrobe, this discovery was EXACTLY what I didn’t even know I needed.  I was squealing and frolicking nude in the water.  People came up to me to ask me if I was a nude beach rookie, as they nicknamed me cotton tail!!  My “YES” led me to discover a feeling of body freedom for the first time in my life. I love where my life is taking me.  As Bob Marley says, “vulnerability is the only way to allow your heart to feel full pleasure”.   Saying YES to invitations that feel right is equal parts vulnerability and finding pleasure.