Seattle Art Fair 2019

While I spend a large part of my time alone as an artist, an important component of my creative practice is to surround myself with great artistic pieces from other parts of the world.  I crave immersion in the energy thrum of manifesting a vision into reality.  Additionally, I get to run into long time collectors of my work!


Photo Credit: Kelly Lynne

International art fair scenes are simultaneously refreshing and stimulating.  I relish the opportunity to survey current trends in fashion, new materials and mediums, the subtle, the sublime, the bold and the brash.  The Pacific Northwest can be so far removed from influential cultural centers, I feel lucky to have an opportunity to expand my horizons with only a 3 hour bus ride away!

My favorite new aesthetics emanated from the Seoul, South Korea gallery exhibits.  The interplay of the sensibility and sensitivity of light with the edgy use of materials and space held me enthralled!



Click on Link to See Video! 02FCDA59-8212-43C4-8D38-D2B9ED974B18

Another benefit of attending international exhibits is to remind myself of the remarkable strength in my own work.  I’ll never stop pushing to improve my craft, I know my gift to this world is to add beauty and the divine.

Photo Credit: Kelly Lynne