The Art of Collaboration


As I’m counting down the days and preparing for the December 4th opening of my solo exhibition “Quaintrelle” at the Arlington Museum of Art in Texas, opening December 3, I want to give a big shout out to one of my favorite collaborators, Sam Hull, from ARTemis Arts.

I met Sam at a pivotal point in my life. I was exploring all the avenues I could travel with my art and my life in general. My connection with him is a constant reminder of all the important collaborations that have gotten me to the place I am now in my art career. I am ever thankful that I met Sam and that I was open enough to hear every opportunity and hungry for something new.

Vetting Sam was easy for me. His past work with Kids Cancer Center inspired me and his creation of ARTemis Arts which focuses on elevating women artists really excited me with the opportunities and support they provide. Life is a concert and an orchestra has many seats!

My relationship with ARTemis Arts and Sam Hull has had a stellar effect on my exposure, including my trip to Singapore and getting a painting sold to the Raffles Hotel.

When Sam proposed that he license my work to create glass ornaments inspired by my paintings and mouth blown by women artisans in Poland it seemed like a perfect collaboration. I appreciate Sam’s patience. He genuinely holds space for women that need space and he gave me time to come to my own conclusion that this path was the one to take.

Sam has designed two beautiful ornaments based on my paintings and they are available on his website (along with other gorgeous creations) and will be available for sale at my upcoming show at the Arlington Museum of Art.

This opens up more exposure for my art (and his) and allows people to own a unique piece of art that embodies the tactile beauty of my paintings.

Success in the art world (and in your personal life) really is all about who you know. I am lucky to know Sam Hull and look forward to benefiting from his energy and expertise in the future.