Who Says I Can’t Mess With Texas!

Edited by: Kelly Lynn
Photography by: Kelly Lynn
This is the story of two Chris’ – fast friends from halfway across the country!  Fortuitously, my friend and Portland resident Chris Cartwright thought to mention my work to the director of the Arlington Museum of Art , Chris Hightower.  Fast forward a few months, and I’m on a plane, jaunting to the great state of Texas!
The Arlington Museum of Art is a Guggenheim-esque mid-century modern building with clean lines, and just the right amount of curves.  Tall ceilings and a dramatic wall of windows create an intriguing contrast between intimate and grand.  Add in the rooftop lounge, a lower-level presentation arena, and children’s art classrooms, it is easy to see why this building is such a creative-community treasure.  As soon as I walked in, I knew these walls were asking to be graced with my modern nostalgic pieces.
Main Street Arlington boasts a beautiful contemporary library, a preserved post office building straight out of a western movie, and the vibrantly muraled AMofA.  A vintage theater, a vintage car, and the best gotdamn fried chicken this side of the Rockies, all that was missing from historic city center was tumbleweed blowing down the well-used traintracks.  Factoring Arlington’s proximity to a major American metropolis (Dallas/FW metro area has a HUGE population!) as well as two major league sports arenas, the town is well poised to fully support contemporary fine art.
SEPTEMBER 2020, my work is heading to the wild west of Arlington, Texas, where art is celebrated, endeared and devoured.  I’m bringing my sweet and sharp, and always luscious sensibility to give this region a little taste of my brand of sexy.  Start daydreaming of your trip now, it’s a fabulous part of the country to visit, you are not going to want to miss out!!